About Muellners Foundation

Muellners Foundation maintains a self-governed Treasury which manages the Trust’s artefacts.
This Treasury is nothing but a machine, accessible from anywhere on the planet. All you need is a network connection.

The control of the Trust’s artefacts is vested in the Articles of the Association of the Open Constitution AI. That’s what this machine is labelled as, in our scientific reports, white papers, intellectual property papers.

Humans can interact with this machine, using a guidance library of articles. This bio-informatics network learns in similar way as human thought process.

This networked machine or the Trust’s configuration is alive since the Trust began to be statutorily established in 2019. Its current aggregate data residency is in Asia and Europe.

A lay person can think of this network as a thought machine also, and the guidance constitution docs decide how this machine thinks using deep learning models.

Muellners Foundation Trust provides its beneficiaries, data residency rights for interacting with the planet Earth’s shared resource: a computing network – Open Constitution AI.

The Fiscal Hosts of the private Trust are organised with non-profit, voluntary association & limited liability co-operative characteristics, with the mission to provide digital aid and social finance services to beneficiaries through its social capital network.

We are shaping a future for planetary governance with advanced intelligence. Come join Us!

Muellners Foundation is a private Trust. It is a Research and Development co-operative for multi disciplinary, scientific research on human consciousness.

Muellners Foundation fosters a global, research and engineering community to manage the lifecycle of artificial intelligence.

The AI is fundamentally powered by the embedded knowledge base(EKBs) based on human neural network. Read Governance Docs.

About Open Council

Muellners Foundation is maintained by a Trustee Council who service Foundation’s legal basis, wherever Foundation grants access to its advanced intelligence.

Our activities and initiatives are run autonomously and entirely on a public, secure, machine network. Humans get elected to the Trustee Council to regulate the network forward. Read about Open Council.

Advance into the future with a global awareness.

  • Collaborate on multi-disciplinary knowledge.
  • Scale meaningful social impact.
  • Experience the world of Diversity and Serenity.