Muellner® Capital Investments     

Technology is a bridge between success and failure of your business. 

Our Portfolio

Technology is also costly and saves time to delivery for startups.

In 2020, Technology is the biggest securitizable asset for developing business.            

Muellners invest tech capital in early stage, growth potential business.

We scout for bootstrapped startups and creditworthy entrepreneurs.

Muellners invest tech capital in early stage, growth potential businesses which are innovative in nature. We invest in startups which we believe can propel our technology’s use cases in their target market.

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  • Debt funding

    If you are a credit worthy entrepreneur and looking to start your tech enabled business, count us in, as reliable debt investment partners.

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  • IP based funding

    If you are bootstrapped and miss the key technology IP to drive growth of your business, mail us.

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  • Capital Lease

    A financial institution backed capital lease to transfer tech capital to startups.

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Capital established in 2019

Muellners Internet announces launching tech capital and investment services in Jan 2019.

Successfully funded first startup in fashion analytics.

Delhi based startup confirms first of Muellners early stage investment as debt based IP financing.

Actively incubating startup teams during summer and a Bank joining us in Winters

Muellners global team actively incubating startups in following industries to nurture investment ready businesses.


Banking & advisory

Social Businesses

Micro-enterprise & agri-tech


Sustainable automation

Green Businesses

Save the planet!