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Join Muellners and experience a global philosophy to solving humanity's greatest challenges.

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Fanatical Minds

When you apply to work with Muellners, you are joining a lateral team of fanatical engineering, research and business minds. Your work is filled with transparency and surrounded by peers.

Learn and Grow

You work on modern technologies to solve complex problems in banking and many more industries, bringing results and categorical disruption.  While we offer industry grade pay and benefits such as medical insurance, your career is actually filled with opportunites, when you are with Muellners.

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Impactful Case Studies

We combine sharp insights and gradual product discoveries into our engineering while working with the best of the businesses. Our services are reliable case studies of transformative change.This is your JOB CONTENT.

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2012: Company established in India.

Founded as a family business on strong fundamentals of sustainable technology development.

2012-2018: Product prototypes and Proof of concept Case studies

We built Research and prototypes as a RnD lab.

2019: Global Transition into
Muellners Inc & Muellners Foundation

Muellners invest tech capital as first of its investment in analytics industry, rolls out Finscale and open source product engineering

2020: Fin-tech enabler to case studies with leading Banks, neobanks & other BFSIs.

Delivering case studies on financial technology services.

Product Engineer

You design and develop reliable code and have a history with Maths and open source.

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Business Development Manager

You set up topline benchmarks to grow our vision and keep doing this for years to come.

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Software Development, Research & Administration Interns and a compulsory graduation with 'Learn Program' by Muellners Foundation

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