FINSCALE™ - A suite of open banking APIs sandbox, middleware & Core Banking System.

An open source RESTful API platform for banks that wish to support Open Banking, through access to accounts, transactions, counterparties, payments, entitlements and metadata.

Sandbox Demo CoreBanking Demo

    The romance with open banking is new with most banks striving to create secure connect between their core banking & external partners.

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  • Analytics based API ecosystem

    Plug and play, analytics oriented API sandboxes and rich XBRL level reporting

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  • Digital Transformation

    A suite for digital transformation from legacy to open banking in post Fintech era.

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Research pursued 2015-17

Basic Prototyping, PoCs with small NBFCs, open source tech meetups.

Product & Implementation Grounds Prepared 2017-19

Finscale organised as a suite of financial technology supported with Apache Fineract(formerly MifosX) & openbankingproject sandbox

CIO level meetup 2020

Project funded by Muellners. Global distributed team actively pursuing partnerships with Financial Institutions.


Open & Cloud

Massive Scalability

Sustainable & Scaling

Smooth Transition

From Legacy to Digital Bank 2020


Military Grade Security

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