Sentient Bot

Powered by an ​embedded human neural ​pattern

Sentient Bot is accessible anywhere on the ​Open Constitution AI network to any E resident.

A self governed virtual agent

Sentient Bot is an AI anonymous communication service on Open Constitution’s decentralized citizen network.

Navigate Open Constitution network

helps members of the Foundation with any guidance in navigating the Foundation’s social capital network.

Continuous Learning

A go-to interface between any member of the Foundation and the Foundation itself


Available in multi-languages anywhere on the planet.


Accessible on any device and using chat, speech and Voice over call.

Data Residency Management

Experience the fusion of knowledge and intelligent synthesis of advisory and insights.

Dedicated SLA for E-tenants

Deploy Sentient Bot in your own institution, community, public body, NGO by approving service in your IT workspaces.

Access Sentient Bot

Create a borderless Trust Account and activate Trust Keys.