Learn Fellowship, a skill development program

Copenhagen, Denmark: Today, the Muellners Foundation officially launched the Learn’ Fellowship program.

Muellners Foundation is committed towards open source financial technology, alternative financial technology such as DeFi and open source projects like Finscale.

The program will also work with open source projects which are mitigating climate change & global health challenges.

The curriculum of Learn program is based on technology’s impact in social and financial inclusion sectors including green initiatives.

The Foundation announced that there are three courses to begin with:

Financial applications courses

Alternative Financial applications courses

Climate change and Global Health applications courses

Learn Fellowship has been announced with two separate benchmarks, a 3 months and a 6 months batch.

The ‘Be product ready’ is a 3 months program running throughout the year. Applications are now open on a rolling basis.

The ‘Develop products for Open world’ is a 6 months program divided into Summer & Winter batches. Applications for the winter batch are now open.

Industry professionals and members affiliated to successful open source projects have also been invited to join ‘Learn’ by Muellners. The Foundation announced that mentors can build a talent pool out of this fellowship and also strengthen their open source communities.

The Research team at Muellners is also excited to mentor the first batch that has already commenced.

The candidates joining the fellowship can expect a major upskill in open source technologies in financial and non financial services. The successful candidates will be certified on these technologies.

As part of its social commitment, the foundation also announced that the program is free to students, if selected.

Learn Fellowship Program is a global and virtual growth accelerator for entrepreneur talent to break into social sustainable product engineering.

Read more on the Learn Program by visiting the website:

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