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Appointments to Steering and Advisory bodies of Open Council

Copenhagen/Singapore/New Delhi: Muellners Foundation today announces the appointment of two new members – Lira Priyadarsaniand Dinesh Singh to its Open Council bodies.

Lira Priyadarsani has been appointed to the ‘Digital Initiatives’ Advisory Council of the Foundation.

Dinesh Singh has joined the Foundation on its ‘Finscale’ Steering Council.

Lira Priyadarsani is an entrepreneur and a business strategist. She has been working for over two decades in marketing different products/services such as Mastercard. Lira is the founder of the Maximum Childhood initiative, a social network for parents focused on education. This initiative was also the winner of the business idea competition by Economic Times Power of Ideas (ETPOI 2015).

Dinesh Singh is an IT veteran with over two decades of experience in managing technology teams across industries. He has led technology, automation, analytics and digital transformation in multiple organisations. He has worked with the likes of Experian India and Tech Mahindra in key leadership roles. In addition to a long corporate career, Dinesh now advises start-ups in the fin tech sector.

In the Foundation, Dinesh will contribute to open source technology initiatives such as Finscale.

On the appointment, Dinesh said, “I consider it a privilege to be working alongside people who share a common vision of making a difference in the society we live in.”


Muellners Foundation is an international Trust for social finance that provides digital aid and social finance services to beneficiaries in low and middle income economies.