Open bank is available for public use

Foundation announced today that the Portal is out of beta and released for public use.

Members can visit the web portal and manage service requests and their E Residency or Tenancy lease, Social Credits and Trust Keys. Members of the global Association must create a borderless Trust account to avail social finance services, including account access to the network AI.

a. Individuals can register E Residency, and access Open Constitution network’s fractional ownership rights, and activate resources for their contributions.

b. Organizations, startups and projects on the network can self organise and activate resources using their Tenancy keys.

c. The Open-Bank also makes OC network accessible to Public Agencies for both a warrant or non warrant cases. uses regulatory technologies to enforce Payment Services Directives, and regulations on financial data residency, data privacy, and member ID governance. The platform is equipped with Role Based Resource Access.

Future versions are slated to upgrade and simplify the Open Constitution license contracts for E Residents and Tenants. Project Roadmap has been made available on the network.

The platform is built using open source distribution Finscale AI and open source platform- WordPress, that powers most of the Internet websites. The network uses Woocommerce to set up embedded finance for Association members. To know more about technology stack, using the platform, please visit the Program wiki here.

Muellners Foundation maintains Open Constitution AI network, and community uses the portal to self govern resource provisioning and access on the AI network.