Council Post, an independent media platform, powered by open source AI

Foundation announced today that the open research journal has been deprecated now and a production instance is deployed as Council Post platform, on the Open Constitution network.

Council Post, is a platform for independent journalism, maintained by the Open Council. The platform content is auto generated using the Open Constitution network’s open source AI. The generative AI for CouncilPost platform is augmented by human members, using fine tuning of the training models and upgrading Foundation’s knowledge base regularly.

You can read more about CouncilPost platform here;

Foundation announced today that Council Post is an open source, independent journalism platform.

Council Post publishes open research, generated with Open Constitution Network AI. Council Post covers topics on social, financial inclusion and biodiversity.

Council Post publishes scientific fact based articles. The Internet journal is peer reviewed by Editorial Committee of Open Council. Council Post is powered with open source AI and maintained by Foundation on the Open Constitution network.

The open source media platform went through transformational change over the year 2022, where the Foundation worked on bringing CouncilPost’s background processes, systems, and policies, more aligned with open source best practices.

To know more about how to contribute to the CouncilPost platform, please visit the Platform wiki.